We love screen printing!

The Super Eclectic team was at the Kalasataman Seripaja workshop to print the company’s first annual promotional poster!

This hand-made, collectible poster, shows a compilation of the projects we have been developing at this production house throughout the year.

To make it super special, we decided to use screenprinting, an artisanal process where ink is pushed through a mesh screen onto a surface. It was hard work, but above all, a great bonding experience, and so much fun! It’s just wonderful to finally see our design printed with such a beautiful technique!

We made this poster especially for our friends and clients. Drop us a line if you’d like to have one!

A big shout out to everybody at Kalasataman Seripaja, an open workspace for screen printing in Kalasatama, Helsinki, for their amazing help!

We really loved the whole process and, in fact, we already have ideas for more projects involving this technique, so stay tuned!

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