Photos from Vartiosaari

Client: Vartiosaari-seura ry

Web design and illustration for Photos from Vartiosaari, a photography exhibition about the island of Vartiosaari, Helsinki.

For this project, Super Eclectic designed a stylish poster that features a minimalistic sun and moon, mirroring the cyclic nature of the island.
Vartiosaari is perhaps the least known district in Helsinki. This pristine, idyllic island is like a time capsule that allows us to imagine what life in the archipelago used to be like in the olden days.
This online photography exhibition presents 54 different views that reveal the island’s ever changing sceneries and textures.
The website is elegant and easy to navigate. It includes a full screen carousel that allows viewers to enjoy the pictures that depict everyday life in Vartiosaari throughout different times of the year.
The purpose of the event is to promote Vartiosaari, and to encourage people to visit, in an effort to preserve its intact nature and spirit against ongoing plans for urbanization.
Super Eclectic has collaborated with the Vartosaari Society on several occasions. Our common mission is to promote the values this island stands for: sustainability, community work, and respect for nature.
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