Client: CreaTures: Creative Practices for Transformational Futures
Collaborator: Aalto University, RMIT University, Utrecht University, and more

Editorial design and visual identity for Understories, a publication for the research project CreaTures

How do you communicate ideas for the future through a medium from the past?
Super Eclectic designed a printed publication that echos the non-linear and explorative nature of CreaTures , a research project that brings together the expertise of 11 partners investigating the potential of creative practices to support positive eco-social change.
How do you reinvent a medium that is intrinsically “traditional” to capture the explorative and processual nature of something that is still yet to come?
We speculated a lot about this question when designing “Understories”, a zine that brings together –in a sensible, yet experimental approach– a wide range of miscellaneous content: essays, conversations, experiences, presentations, data, images, and thoughts from multiple perspectives and practices.
Super Eclectic designed a dynamic publication: a zine that is completely modular and non-linear, and that entices its readers to customize, shuffle, curate, deconstruct, assemble, explore, dismantle, personalize and enjoy it!
The publication is equipped with fasteners and dividers to organize your favorite material and personalize your own zine with the content of your preference.
The size and color of the pages make it easy to organize the content.
A very important and cool feature is that every work and text featured in the zine has its very own unique creature!
Understories is now available for download! You can print it at home and customize, shuffle, curate, deconstruct, assemble, explore, and dismantle it as you wish. Or you can also access the digital version and enjoy reading it on your computer screen. Have fun!
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