Mediamancy: Ethical branding for a better world

Would you like your visual identity to better correspond with your values?

Are you part of a nonprofit, NGO, association, activist group, cultural project, or a company that embraces equality and social responsibility?

Would you like to know how other people perceive your visual-self?

Super Eclectic’s unique Visual alchemy toolkit incorporates stories, statistics, games, and even fortune-telling to formulate new approaches to enhance your visual identity.

This consultancy provides a set of ideas that you can easily apply to create a coherent and captivating narrative around your work. We propose strategies to develop ethical, compelling storytelling and branding for organizations and companies with a purpose beyond profit. Unlike other forms of communication or advertisement, it proposes a healthy balance between values, work methods, and message.

Visual alchemy toolkit (formerly known as Transmedia Design Guide) premiered during Helsinki Design Week 2020.

Stay tuned for future events, or get in touch with us to learn more about Mediamancy.

Process — Super Eclectic
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