Client: Suomen Metsästysmuseo
Collaborator: Kalle Ahonen

Editing and post-production of the video for OHTO, a permanent exhibition at the Suomen Metsästysmuseo, Finland.

Super Eclectic – OHTO
Super Eclectic – OHTO
In 2019, the Suomen Metsästysmuseo commissioned a project to explore the importance of the bear in Finnish mythology. OHTO is a multimedia installation that delves into this ancient legend, engaging visitors in a world where human actions are guided by deep respect towards nature and its spiritual influence.
Super Eclectic – OHTO
The main challenge we faced was to tell this story in a symbolic, yet edifying way, that could effectively illustrate the beauty and complexity of its message.
Our approach was to articulate a storyline based on provided film footage –with actors recreating certain chapters of the story– in combination with animations and additional imagery. This material was put together following a soundtrack whose compelling music and narration meticulously describe this folktale.
The editing, special effects, and post-production designed by Super Eclectic intertwine different episodes and merge surprising images that submerge the viewer into a fantastic, mysterious, and timeless atmosphere. The final 30 min-long video was rendered in a vertical position in order to meet the specifications of the multimedia installation.
Super Eclectic was assigned to edit and design the post-production for the video that narrates the mythos of the bear in Finnish culture. This work is part of a larger installation, developed by visual artist Kalle Ahonnen.
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