Kuusi Palaa

Collaborator: No Culture
Visual identity and website design for Kuusi Palaa, a decentralized cultural venue in Helsinki.
Super Eclectic – Kuusi Palaa
Super Eclectic – Kuusi Palaa
Kuusi Palaa was a trans-disciplinary cultural space in Helsinki that operated in the spring of 2018.

Through a co-op model, its decentralized structure enabled anyone to become a member and financially support it. Kuusi Palaa was an interface for multiple creative agents to share a common physical space, establish collaborative networks, and participate in a collective economy.
Super Eclectic – Kuusi Palaa
The main challenge was to develop an inclusive design that could adapt to the very diverse needs of its active members.
Super Eclectic – Kuusi Palaa
Super Eclectic – Kuusi Palaa
Kuusi Palaa is a peculiar two-word sentence in Finnish with 9 different meanings.

The manifold interpretations of its own name reveals the venue’s distinctive versatility. Following this thought, the design was also meant to be highly adaptable.

Super Eclectic opted for a sober, black and white, open-ended, modular design.

This gave Kuusi Palaa’s members the opportunity to outline their own ideas and images through a general, organized layout.
Super Eclectic – Kuusi Palaa
Super Eclectic – Kuusi Palaa
Kuusi Palaa’s cards and stationery were multifunctional, with graphics depicting a constellation of dots highlighting its decentralized spirit.
The idea was to share tasks and responsibilities
Everybody could design and promote their own projects and events, instead of having one person or team assigned for this specific work. Furthermore, an online cloud containing files with fonts, stencils, and ready-to-use forms was of common access.
Super Eclectic – Kuusi Palaa
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