Islands as a microcosmos of the world

We’re very happy we were recently featured in Ålandstidningen, a Swedish-language newspaper from the Åland islands, in Finland.

The article focuses on our new project Listen to the Islands, an experimental podcast that delves into global issues through islands as a micro-cosmos of the world. We started research for this project in the summer, during a residency at the historic Eckerö Post och tullhus, one of the most emblematic buildings of the archipelago.

In our conversation with Ålandstidningen, we pointed out there are many art forms with a kind of audience that already knows where to find art. That’s why Listen to the Islands will be developed as a podcast, a medium that is more popular and accessible, and that can reach a broader audience.

We were definitely smitten by Åland! We came across incredible people, landscapes, and stories,  which will for sure be featured in the upcoming pilot version of this project.

Stay tuned for more news about Listen to the Islands!


*Super Eclectic skulle vilja tacka Eckerö Post och Tullhus för stipendievistelsen, och Svenska Kulturfonden för att göra resan möjlig.

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