Hybrid Matters

Client: Bioart Society
Collaborator: No Culture

Website design and visual identity for Hybrid Matters, an art & science program in the Nordic countries.

Super Eclectic – Hybrid Matters
Super Eclectic – Hybrid Matters
Super Eclectic – Hybrid Matters
Hybrid Matters investigates hybrid ecologies, the convergence of the environment with technology, and the transformation of our planet through human activity.
Throughout two years, Hybrid Matters brought together network meetings, research activities, exhibitions, expeditions, and symposiums in academic and cultural institutions in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Hybrid Matter’s stance on the fluidity between technology and nature became an inspiration for the visual concept. Similar to geological layers, the impact that humans have on earth creates visible traces, and vice versa. Therefore, the logo makes reference to a chemical element: a frame that encloses a capital H and a wavy M.
Super Eclectic – Hybrid Matters
The main logo is shown in black and white, and given the diversity of collaborating partners, each one is attributed with a specific color that identifies the different activities they hosted.
Super Eclectic – Hybrid Matters
Super Eclectic – Hybrid Matters
The website’s Map also incorporates this feature: it pinpoints the different locations according to the institution’s identity. At the same time, the Program illustrates the project’s timeline together with its geographical position.

Other highlights include a green box with announcements and important feed; the background featuring artworks and images –with corresponding credits– that change every time we visit a different section, or when the site is refreshed; a practical bottom bar that unfolds to reveal a full list of sponsors and partners.
Super Eclectic – Hybrid Matters
Super Eclectic – Hybrid Matters
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