Horizontology: working together with a shared purpose

Are you considering to have a more horizontal structure in your organization, but you’re not sure how to implement it? Are you wondering how to work efficiently and with a deeper feeling of purpose? Would you like to have more authentic interactions in your workplace?

To some extent, we have all had to deal with top-down power relations in our lives. Haven’t we? Horizontology is an original toolkit, brought to you by Super Eclectic, focused on de-learning unspoken hierarchical practices, and strengthening our skills in structured collaboration and distributed leadership. Horizontology comes from the belief that common sense simply doesn’t exist: we need to have a shared purpose, agree on it, and review it collectively.

Horizontology encompasses eight years of our own practical experiences in decentralized organizing, and it’s presented in eight chapters, from decision-making to communication to invisible work.

Stay tuned for future events, or get in touch with us to learn more about Horizontology.

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