Ferment Radio

Collaborator: Culture of Cultures, HOW

Production, visual identity, and digital design for Ferment Radio, a podcast series on micro and macro transformations.

Fermentation can incite social action, spark creativity, and bring new transformations to our lives.
Ferment Radio features cutting-edge conversations on living interconnectivities: from visible to invisible, and from societal to cellular.
Ferment Radio embraces viewpoints from diverse scientific disciplines and turns them into accessible and thought-provoking dialogues. Its mission is to contribute with the feminist and decolonial consciousness, beyond harmful simplifications or quick answers.
Ferment Radio explores the microworld as a metaphor and inspiration for a multispecies co-living.
Hosted by multimedia wizardess Aga Pokrywka, the guests on Ferment Radio include artists, chefs, activists, researchers, scientists, bakers, hackers, and people of the most diverse cultures and backgrounds.
Ferment Radio’s core value is to rebuild relationships between disciplines, species, and other notions we live by.
As of now, Ferment Radio has published 22 episodes, and the podcast has been downloaded over 3500 times, in 60 different countries.
Ferment Radio’s website is fun and dynamic, with animated graphics that are responsive to the user’s navigation. It includes links to leading podcast platforms, where listeners can download each and every episode.
In-tune with Super Eclectic’s style, Ferment Radio’s visual identity is minimalistic, yet lively. Green and orange predominate, and every episode is illustrated with a custom-made image.
Ferment Radio is produced by Super Eclectic, in collaboration with Helsinki Open Waves, a multilingual online radio platform.
The concept, research, visual identity, and digital design are developed by Super Eclectic.
Ferment Radio was launched in June 2020, with support from TAIKE Arts Promotion Center Finalnd, and it is currently sponsored by Cultures of Cultures, a project led by Salla Sariola from Helsinki University.
Recently, Ferment Radio has become part of The Global Community Bio Fellowship, hosted by the Community Biotechnology Initiative at the MIT Media Lab.
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