Cyano Automaton at Uroboros Festival

Did you ever want to go to Mars but didn’t know what to pack in your lunch box?

Welcome to Cyano Automaton’s workshop, where you will get a glimpse on how to grow your own spirulina and use it to prepare delicious space food recipes, right here on Earth!

It is also the background for a critical discussion on terrestrial and interplanetary colonization, of which cyanobacteria, as the first photosynthetic organisms on the planet, have been key players.

This workshop revolves around the Cyano Automaton, an interactive bioreactor that cultivates spirulina to intertwine non-linear narratives about past, present, and future colonizations. The workshop will be featured at the Uroboros Festival 2021 – Designing in Troubling Times.

You can register here!

Cyano Automaton is a project by Aga Pokrywka, produced by Super Eclectic, and supported by CreaTures: Creative Practices for Transformational Futures.

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