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Super Eclectic
is a multimedia production team for the world we want

In this world

Super Eclectic is a creative studio and production house based in Helsinki, working in Finland and internationally.

We use transmedia to create narratives and communicate experiences across multiple digital and analog platforms. With graphics, moving images, sound, words, and atmospheres, we expand different angles of a story.

Our team embraces the importance of diversity, equity, and sustainability. That’s why we operate according to decentralized organizational methods, feminist leadership, and data privacy.

Super Eclectic has a unique operational model based on 3 main elements:

Original productions

We conceptualize and produce original, high-quality content. Our home-made projects encompass film and audio, digital and interactive experiences, participatory events and exhibitions, texts and publications.


We utilize our skills to work with initiatives that are socially responsible. Our clients include: NGOs, cultural institutions, non-profits, associations, people in the arts, publishing, education, and everything in-between.


We have developed a series of toolkits that tackle key issues for organizations with social responsibility. This know-how is provided in private consultancies and open workshops, where practical implementation, company values, and playfulness come together.

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